Pétrichor tiny house offers traditional take on small living

2022-06-15 10:35:22 By : Mr. Ben Luo

A lot of the tiny houses we cover are actually quite large and have a modern minimalist design, but the Pétrichor, by France's Baluchon, harks back to the small living movement's roots with a towable home that incorporates traditional tiny house styling and features a compact and unfussy interior layout for up to two people.

The Pétrichor (also referred to as "the smell of rain") has a total length of just 6 m (20 ft), which is about right for a French tiny house, given the country's strict towing laws, but a lot smaller than many models we see in North America. To put its size into perspective, the Denali XL Bunkhouse is over twice the length, at 12.6 m (41.4 ft).

Baluchon's tiny house is finished in cedar, with aluminum detailing, and is based on a double-axle trailer. It gets power from a standard RV-style hookup. Visitors enter the home into the living room, which looks daylight-filled thanks to the generous glazing, and contains a storage-integrated sofa that doubles as a guest bed, in a pinch.

Nearby is the kitchen. Baluchon managed to squeeze in a small folding dining table, as well as a sink, a small fridge/freezer, an oven and a propane-powered four-burner stove. There's also a large storage unit installed. The kitchen connects to the bathroom, which looks very compact, with just enough room for a shower and a toilet.

The bedroom is reached by storage-integrated staircase and is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from this type of tiny house, with a typical loft-style bedroom that has limited headroom, with a small table and a double bed. However, there is a large storage unit tucked away behind the bed that doubles as a bedside table. Additionally, the Pétrichor contains a secondary loft space. This is far too small to sleep an adult and it would have perhaps made better sense making it a little larger, but could still be useful as an extra storage nook.

The Pétrichor is located in the Vendée, western France, and serves as full-time home to its owner and pet cat. We've no word on the price of this exact model, but Baluchon's homes start at €80,000 (roughly US$84,000).